Learn More about Nebraska Irrigated Seeds—An Experienced Seed Production Company

Originally the production that Nebraska Irrigated Seeds LLC is now known for ran under the name Fontanelle Hybrids, which for decades was on the leading edge of producing new hybrids and inbreeds, while integrating new traits and genetics in the seed industry.

Fontanelle started in 1935 and, over the decades, flourished in the mid-western Corn Belt through providing seeds most suited for the region. While this growth took place, the company attained additional businesses that held the same principles and core values, such as the SAR Seed Company, Heritage Hybrids, Superior Hybrids, Kaups Seeds, and Miller Seed Company.

These acquisitions helped to continually improve and refine the base traits of its hybrid products as well as spread the reach of the company to new grower-bases—further solidifying it as a leader in both the corn and bean markets.

Through the new millennium, the business kept thriving and becoming one of the premier seed companies in the country and in 2005 the sales and marketing portion of Fontanelle was bought up by international consortium Monsanto. Although the name and marketing of Fontanelle no longer existed with the essential infrastructure, the production and services remained and was renamed Nebraska Irrigated Seeds LLC.

With the new name, the same core of hardworking, innovative Midwesterners transitioned into excelling as the production and services company we are today—growing, producing, and manufacturing the quality and innovative seed products we have been known for all along.

With rising distribution on a national level, as well as a steady growth in international markets, Nebraska Irrigated Seeds has been able to increase production 250% since the new name in 2005. And we’ve been able to do it by cultivating and expanding the same go-hard, smart work ethic our people have had all the way back since 1935.

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