Utilize Advanced Seed Development Services from Nebraska Irrigated Seeds

Nebraska Irrigated Seeds provides the best quality seed by utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology in the seed industry. Our seed fields are contracted with highly experienced growers over a large portion of eastern Nebraska to minimize loss during extreme weather events. With our ability to provide a large area of growing options, we are able to accommodate today’s strict isolation requirements for the purest seed possible.

From the field to the conditioning tower and the warehouse to the farmer, Nebraska Irrigated Seeds is able to provide the latest technology in growing, detasseling, harvesting, conditioning, treating, packaging, warehousing, and shipping today’s seed.

Services to Meet Customer Needs:

  • 100% Irrigation
  • Conditioning
  • Production
  • Sampling, Probing
  • QA Control Service
  • Certified Fields
  • Retagging
  • Tag Printing
  • Rebagging
  • Overtreating
  • Refuge Blending
  • Distribution
  • Cold Storage
  • SAP Data Entry
  • ISO 9001:2015


Our conditioning facility is equipped with the latest advancement in sizing, gravity separating, and handling of seed. Our facility is designed for the least amount of handling of the product to assure the cleanest, purest, and most uniform seed possible.

Color Sorting

Our state of the art color sorter is the most advanced on the market for identifying seed defects that other equipment may not recognize—which in turn provides the purest seed on the market.


Our precisely calibrated treaters are able to accurately apply today’s wide variety of seed treatment options to meet the demands of today’s farmers.

Refuge in the Bag

Our company takes pride in our capability of accurately blending refuge in the bag (RIB) to meet the demands of today’s customers.


Nebraska Irrigated Seeds utilizes advanced printing and palletizing to accommodate a variety of packaging scenarios. This assures some of the finest palletized seed in the industry, as well as providing our workers a safe and less strenuous work environment.